A Tourist Guide to Glasgow

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So you've never been to Glasgow?  This is your first trip?  Well don't bother yourself with one of those fancy Glasgow guides, or restaurant guides.

We'll give you the skinny on this bustling and exciting city, for free!

Glasgow is a great city, with friendly people who have a bubbly sense of humour, and some fantastic history.  Some places of interest to reinforce this are The Duke of Wellington Statue with his traditional traffic cone hat, the Gallery of Modern Art just behind it, and the Science Museum.  You'll find something for everyone in Glasgow, even without spending out on a second rate guide book.

However, coming to our site means you're interested in restaurants.  Well let me tell you, that you can go to any city in the UK for french food, italian food, mexican or chinese.  But in Glasgow, we have something special in our Mongolian Barbecue Restaurant.  We take all that bubbly Glasgow personality and pour it over you when you dine with us.

We offer exotic meats, the likes of Kangaroo, Wild Boar, Zebra and Baby Octopus, let you mess about with the ingredients for your own wee mad dish, cook it to perfection for you, and even let you go up as many times as you want!

So even if you skip the guide book when you visit Glasgow, come and see us here at Khublai Khans, as we promise you, you'll never find another restaurant like us!





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